Everlast Advanced Composite Siding

Authentic look and feel of real cedar siding minus the maintenance hassles and costs.

Everlast Advanced Composite Siding

Authentic look and feel of real cedar siding minus the maintenance hassles and costs.

What is Everlast Siding?

Everlast Siding is a highly durable, low-maintenance composite product made from inorganic minerals and polymer resins. This remarkably strong siding is finished with an acrylic colorant layer that is embossed to look and feel like real cedar wood.

Everlast’s material makeup eliminates the typical maintenance requirements common with other types of siding. All it requires is an occasional wash with a garden hose to maintain its original beauty.

  • classic farmhouse with white vertical and horizontal siding
  • craftsman style house with blue vertical siding

Available in three popular siding styles

a piece of gray board and batten siding

Vertical Board and Batten Siding

a piece of gray horizontal lap siding

Horizontal 7″ Lap Siding

a piece of gray narrow horizontal lap siding

Horizontal 4.5″ Lap Siding

Designer-curated colors to match any preference.

15 Lap Siding Colors

10 Board and Batten Siding Colors

several lakefront homes with light blue siding

Stands strong against common siding enemies: water, insects and prolonged sun exposure

Everlast Siding is virtually impervious to water and resists fading from UV light exposure. This remarkable durability means the composite planks can be used in the harshest climates.

While wood and engineered wood siding are vulnerable to wood-boring insects, Everlast’s inorganic composition helps eliminate this problem and the costs for recurring pest control.

Learn how others are happy they chose Everlast Siding.

boathouses on lake with new siding

“We look at it every six months or so, and the color – there is no fade. It looks like the day it was installed five years ago.”

Everlast Siding replaces failing cedar in Midwest boathouse community.

“Everlast Siding is a beautiful product that will stand the test of time without the maintenance required by other materials.”

For lifelong aesthetics and performance, homeowners choose Everlast Siding.

“With Everlast Siding, we found everything we wanted in a siding product.”

Water-resistance and curb appeal make Everlast Siding ideal for waterfront home.

5 Reasons why Everlast Siding makes contractors’ jobs easier.

  • 1

    Engineered for easy and fast installation to help reduce labor costs.

  • 2

    No special tools are required. All you need are common carpentry tools.

  • 3
    Produces no harmful dust when cut.
  • 4

    Never requires priming, painting or caulking.

  • 5

    Easy to handle because it’s half the weight of fiber cement.

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