About Us

Lensing facilities include over 200,000 square feet of space.

Facilities & Inventory

Our Lensing facilities include 200,000 square feet of space in three locations in Evansville, Indiana. These facilities are used for our office, main warehousing, and shop operations.

We strive at Lensing to be on top of our product and order demand so we store an extensive inventory of the majority of our product lines at all times so that we can respond to our customer’s requests in a quick and effective manner.

Sales & Marketing

Our trained sales personnel specialize in the products they sell and make regular contact with customers appropriate to that product. They are supported internally by personnel who also specialize in those products so that we can maximize our effectiveness with a product line.

Our product offering is constantly being evaluated and new products considered to assure our dealers of the best value and new product trends are being offered.

Along with regular targeted promotions, Lensing provides two major buying events each year to provide the best buying opportunities to our dealers.

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